About AXM Paper Models

My name is Alfonso X Moreno, owner and self-taught designer of paper models in the Space Category.
I design accurate scale replicas of real rockets and spacecrafts made out of paper or cardstock, covering the Space Shuttle era and rockets from around the world.
My original HTML website went online on Oct 27, 2006 but I modified it for the WordPress platform on Oct 15, 2016. It has a better look and is web responsive.

I have my own logo, which represents modeling the Space Shuttle from paper. The three colors yellow, blue and red in the oval represent the colors of Ecuador’s flag, my birthplace. The three stars on the left represent my brothers and I. The Space Shuttle is seen depicted in flight after trailing the sequence of paper modeling, and the white, red and blue stars represent all past, present and future Space Shuttle missions from mother Earth.

This website contains all my designs in scales of 1:144, 1:100 and 1:96. For the most part, my collection consists of Space Shuttle stacks in 1:144 scale for ALL the Shuttle missions. You will find Shuttle payloads available for free, and others are to be purchased via Paypal.
You can also download rockets from other countries, Commercial rockets from USA and Space Stations including the International Space Station model.
Follow me on my Blog where I talk about the International Space Station model additions and EVA’s. There you can follow all the space missions in chronological order.

With the exception of the ISS model and Shuttle payloads, the rest of my website models including new projects will be available for free.
But to cover the expenses of paper, printer ink and other supplies for my designs, I kindly prefer accepting donations via Paypal.

Thank you!